How to Smoke a Cigar – Step by Step Guide

Two men in suits at a wedding cutting and lighting premium cigars black and white photo1. Find out if Cigar Smoking is Right for Youstylish gentleman smoking cigar with puffs of smoke black and white photo

2. How to Choose and Buy your First Cigar

3. How to Cut and Light a Cigar

4. How to Enjoy the Cigar Smoking Experience

5. Storing your Cigars – Humidors 101


Cigar Gear I Use and You Need

The Best Humidor for your Money. So elegant your wife will let you put it in the house.

Whenever you are looking to buy a humidor always get one a little bigger than you think you will need. You will often find deals on boxes and cigar samplers that you can’t pass up. You need a place to put them. This one looks so classy too! Here you have a conversation piece that can site in just about any room in your home or office. It looks great on tables, dressers, night stands, and desks. The hydrometer on the outside is also easy for you to keep an eye on encase the humidity gets too low.





The best brand for cutters with lifetime guarantees.

Xikar is known for quality products across the board and this cutter is no exception. Unless you want a few different designs and styles this elegant cutter is the only guillotine cutter you’ll ever need. When it gets dull, Xikar will sharpen it for you! You just send it in the mail. If it ever busts or gets wrecked, you can use that lifetime guarantee to send it back and they will repair it or send out a new one. I doubt it will ever break down though. These cigar cutters are built like a tank!



Attractive, elegant torch lighter. It’s windproof and has a punch cutter.

This is a really tough lighter that holds up to the strongest wind outside and will really impress your cigarette smoking friends as well. You will be sharing it but for the price, who could argue? It’s a little larger than your typical gas station lighter but it doesn’t weigh all that much and easily fits in a pocket or travel humidor. The knockout punch is amazing as well. Who cares if you forget your guillotine cutter, you’re covered! Everyone should have one.